The fusion of the origin and change for innovation.

Founded in 1947 in Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Toyo Seat Group has been involved in the development and production of car seats and their parts, as well as convertible tops, railroad seats, and welfare equipment for over 70 years. We have delivered safe and high quality products all over the world.

Today, the environment surrounding the automobile industry is undergoing major changes. Attention to the global environment and safety is increasing, and integration with new technologies is expected even more.

TOYO H&I was born in such a changing era. To connect the technology for safety that Toyo Seat Group has cultivated over many years to innovation. To go beyond the boundaries of the past and further contribute to society. From now on, we will be working on an open business field where people wish for happiness and peace of mind and take on new challenges.

However, the origin has not changed since 70 years ago. The spirit of the founder, Yuzuru Yamaguchi, continues to be in line with our essence. Employees who are satisfied with the company deliver satisfaction to society and contribute to it. Not only making the world convenient, but the aim is to make the world smile with the warmth of a mother. And to create the future of children with our uniqueness.

Through the fusion of the unchanging origin and the change of time, we will create each and every innovation from the place of origin, Osaka.

TOYO H&I inc.CEOToru Yamaguchi


1. Putting Associate Satisfaction First

Only when our associates are satisfied can we truly satisfy our customers.

Dream-inspiring products flow from happy producers, and innovation comes from being free-spirited.

Fair and impartial evaluation of each associate’s experience, ability, achievement level, motivation,
and integrity will lead to job satisfaction, which in turn,
will help the Company and its associates to grow in unison.

2. Shaping the Future for Children by Making the World Smile with Warmth and Uniqueness

No matter how times change, there is always a need for maternal “warmth.”

We aim to deliver products and services that bring smiles to the faces of our customers with such warmth.
It is this uniqueness that helps us to create value, gives us a competitive advantage,
and enables us to make a difference in the world.

A world full of life, in which young members of the community demonstrate their abilities through encouragement from their seniors while the elderly and the disadvantaged are supported and empowered – that is the kind of world that we envision.

We hope to leave the world a better place and that children in the future will say, “Thank you for making our world so wonderful.”


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Company name TOYO H&I inc.
Foundation April,2019
Capital JPY 100,000,000
President Toru Yamaguchi
TEL : +81 6-6809-2556 /
FAX : +81 6-6809-3577

34.69898886125842, 135.50638824159287

701, 5-14-7 NISHITENMA, KITAKU, OSAKA 530-0047 JAPAN

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