Why were We Born?

Toyo Seat Group has been developing and manufacturing seats for automobiles and railways around the world for over 70 years. We, TOYO H&I, were born to integrate that high technological capability for future innovation. With that in mind, we at Toyo H&I will start a new challenge.


What We Value

Each person working at TOYO H&I feels the joy of innovation and connects it to the smiles of the world. It is also the same as the Toyo Seat Group's mission "Putting Associate Satisfaction First" and "Shaping the Future for Children by Making the World Smile with Warmth and Uniqueness". We are now trying to jump out of the frame of car seat manufacturers, but our mission will not change.


Our Challenge

Toyo Seat Group has grown into a global brand by creating seats for automobiles and railways around the world. Now, we started to make a big change from a car seat manufacturer to an innovator for customer value automotive or non-automotive to deliver a brand new smile. To achieve a worry-free and happy place, we will deliver innovation to the world with a passion for safe and high-quality standards. Please look forward to the future of TOYO H&I.


The thoughts put into the logo mark.

TOYO H&I logo expresses our origin and future. The acronym "h" for "holdings" is based on the motif of "chairs" that have been made all over the world for over 70 years. The "i", which is connected by the Infinite mark that represents infinity, is an acronym for "continuous innovations," and at the same time, the "i" also represents "person,"
which has always been at the center of manufacturing. Aligning our mission to trust-building and innovation, we will innovate to be closer to people. Our logo mark represents our commitment.



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